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There’s one particular remark clients make to Steven Mancinelli more than any other. It usually goes something like this: “You give me more information and insight than any other lawyer I’ve ever talked to.” And if you ask Steven what the most important factors are in representing clients effectively, you’ll understand why they say it.

“I don’t try to sugarcoat things for clients. They usually appreciate that. If it’s a litigation matter, I’ll tell them if they have a claim, and I’ll also tell them what they’ll be up against. Clients have a right to know. I also make a point of being clear on what they want to accomplish. Truthfulness, clarity and solid information are key elements in achieving excellent results,” he says.

For Steven Mancinelli, clarity is the forerunner of vision. He feels that an effective attorney needs to see the broader picture of a client’s company, market and professional goals. Only then can the most efficient and cost effective legal strategy be devised, completely in alignment with business objectives.

According to Steven, “A lawyer needs to be looking in the same direction as the client, and participate in making their vision a reality. Vision is as important for the attorney as it is for someone who’s building a company, or getting a venture off the ground.”

In having represented hundreds of startup firms and emerging growth companies, Steven understands the entrepreneurial aspiration to build a business, and take a major position in the marketplace. In fact, he shares the same independent spirit as many of those he advises. Beginning his legal career in 1990 as a leading associate at the New York office of Pennie and Edmonds, one the world’s largest and most prominent intellectual property law firms, he soon decided to run his own shop.

But what really separates Steven Mancinelli from most other attorneys is an innate creativity that has been the foundation of his powerful case-winning strategies. Steven had two careers prior being an attorney. With the first in literary scholarship, he taught at the University of Kentucky. In his second career, he spent 10 years in the performing arts, with a principle role in the Pearl Lang Dance Company, The West Virginia Dance Theater, Uris/Bahr Dancers, among other important modern dance companies were also major beneficiaries of his creative acumen and capabilities.

With this background, innovative thinking comes as easily to Steven as it does to the entrepreneurs and growing companies he counsels. Often taking on the most complex commercial law cases, Steven represents clients throughout the United States and internationally. They’re often intrigued how someone with an easy-going, friendly style can be such a fierce litigator, and whose penetrating insight consistently helps them steer clear of trouble.

Graduating with Honors from New York Law School, Steven has a distinguished background of academic excellence. He was a member of the school’s Law Review, and won the American Jurisprudence Award twice while a student there.

Steven had lived and worked in New York City until the COVID pandemic. As a consequence of the pandemic, Steven has relocated to upstate New York, but he is always available by  phone, email or Zoom.

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