Intellectual property can be your
most valuable asset, if you protect it.

Steven Mancinelli is one of New York City’s most experienced and respected intellectual property attorneys. He gets the highest endorsement any lawyer can obtain: former adversaries routinely refer clients to him. Many other cases are referred by the country’s largest intellectual property law firms, and his own satisfied clients. Here’s what one client said recently:

“I always feel I’m in extremely capable and safe hands, and that my interests are put first…services are outstanding.”

Erla Skuladottir, Filmmaker, Morning Moon Films

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    Steven Mancinelli helps clients with these and other intellectual property matters:

  • advising on trademark and service mark protection
  • trademark and service mark registration
  • copyright registration
  • patent applications
  • trade dress considerations
  • trade secrets
  • intellectual property audits
  • nondisclosure and non-compete agreements
  • corporate espionage
  • plagiarism
  • intellectual property valuation
  • software protection
  • drafting and review of click wrap agreements
  • intellectual property considerations for joint ventures
  • e-commerce
  • Internet law
  • technology law
  • computer law
  • special issues for artists, sculptors, photographers, musicians and other creative professionals
  • antitrust law issues, including unfair competition and unfair trade practices
  • litigation risk audits
  • risk reduction avoidance presentations and seminars
  • intellectual property protection during bankruptcy

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Safeguard Your Company’s Opportunity to Grow and Prosper

Did you know that if your company’s intellectual property is inadequately protected, it can bring your expansion plans to a halt? It’s true. Here’s how it can happen.

Let’s say you’ve been doing business principally in the Northeast. Another company with a similar name is headquartered in California. They’ve been slowly but continuously expanding eastward. Now they have a presence in 45 of 50 states. They’re finally beginning to make inroads into your territory. Their name has a federal trademark registration, applicable throughout the United States. Your company doesn’t have one.

Your competitor discovers your company, and you get a cease and desist letter insisting you stop using your company and product names. Since they have a registered federal trademark and you don’t, the best outcome you can hope for in a lawsuit would be to retain your company name, and continue to do business in your locale. They get to maintain their presence and name in 45 states, and you retain rights in the remaining five only. That’s where you’ll stay for the rest of your corporate life.

If you even attempt to do business with a customer in one of their states, you become an infringer and can be sued. Your hopes and plans for building a hugely successful nationwide business are now gone, unless you want to change your name. Then you lose whatever brand recognition you’ve developed.

As you can see, properly protected intellectual property assets are not only valuable in terms of branding and reputation, but also in terms of safeguarding your opportunity to expand. They can be a major contributor to the ultimate valuation of your business. That means investigating and strategizing the best approach to shield them is one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your company’s future.

A trademark infringement lawsuit can very easily cost $250,000 or more. Small companies can sue each other into bankruptcy in these cases. Contrast the cost of protecting your business with being out of business.

Here’s a case Steven handled for a client. Although it has a happy ending, it illustrates how business expansion plans can be blocked, no matter how large and powerful an organization may be:

The client had worked for 10 years on developing a computer game, and filed a federal application to secure his trademark. One of the world’s largest software companies had an international trademark that was almost identical for another computer game. While the client had locked up the most lucrative market here in the U.S., he was prohibited from expanding worldwide. Although the software company had international rights, it could not sell its game domestically. Steven negotiated a substantial buyout offer for his client, wherein the software company purchased ownership of his trademark on very favorable terms.

“… give simple answers in plain language that cut through complicated legal jargon… make me feel like my interests are being protected by members of the family… dedication to clarity is refreshing.”

Brad Boyer, Boyer Communications Group

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