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Rapidly expanding companies and innovative business professionals have special legal needs. They thrive with an attorney who creates legal structures to support fast growth, providing the right protection as they develop greater market presence.

New York business lawyer Steven Mancinelli has a proven 25-year track record of success in helping entrepreneurs, growth companies and individuals to accomplish their goals. His firm delivers the broad spectrum of legal services that growing enterprises and ambitious professionals require. Clients enjoy the convenience of one source for their day-to-day advice, transactions and litigation needs.

These are the types of cases and legal issues Steven Mancinelli handles:

Intellectual Property Law: As one New York City’s leading intellectual property lawyers, Steven Mancinelli has guarded the rights of hundreds of cutting edge companies and creative professionals. Intellectual property law is complex and subtle, requiring experienced, sophisticated representation to achieve the best results. Properly protected copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents and trade secrets are often among the most valuable assets a business owns. Learn more about protecting your valuable intellectual property here.

Business Startups: Having successfully guided many companies through the critical startup phase of their business operations, Steven knows the challenges you face, and has solutions for your legal issues, concerns and problems. Choosing the right business entity, drafting shareholder, member or partnership agreements, employment counsel, licensing arrangements, leasing, and negotiating business purchases are all services the firm provides.

Bankruptcy: In troubled financial times, it is not uncommon for good people to become overwhelmed with debt. The bankruptcy law provides a fresh start for people by relieving them of the debt burden that they find impossible to pay down and gives them the peace of mind that comes with a new beginning.

Contract preparation, negotiation and review: Properly drafted agreements are critical to the success of an enterprise or venture. Yet amazingly, key documents for many business purposes are often missing critical provisions. This is especially the case when it comes to protecting complex rights, like those involving intellectual property, licensing and distribution. Additionally, the increase in litigation today creates a continual series of new threats, necessitating ongoing changes in contracts to prevent future problems. The firm provides the proper documentation for your transactions.

Software, Technology, E-Commerce and Internet Law: Sophisticated, knowledge-based businesses have the same issues as other organizations plus their own unique set of needs. These are often localized in the area of intellectual property. Creative entrepreneurial organizations often require an equally state-of-the-art legal approach to empower their growth plans. Steven is included among New York’s most experienced intellectual property attorneys and business law practitioners. You can feel confident in his ability to structure the legal protection your company needs for safe travel on the road to success. Discover more about technology law here ...

Publishers and Information Industry Professionals: The Internet has created perhaps the greatest opportunity for publishers since the advent of the printing press. The many new ways in which businesses are marketing and distributing information has lead to a need for better protection of intellectual property assets. Clearly defined and properly documented joint venture arrangements are also essential. The firm has had outstanding success in representing companies and individuals with information products, and has transacted important deals with major publishers such as Warner Books, St. Martin Press and HarperCollins. Click here to learn more…

Representation for Professionals and Firms in Creative Industries and Occupations: Creative professionals and small innovative firms enjoy immersing themselves in their work, and don’t want to worry about legalities. Steven understands the creative orientation to business and life. He makes it easy for these individuals and companies to do what they do best, while still having the legal protection they need. A sampling of the firm’s creative clientele includes authors, graphic design firms, computer game and toy designers, advertising agencies, custom product package creators, Internet consultants, software developers, computer game developers, and specialty computer hardware manufacturers.

Business Divorce: Strained business relationships often result in one or more shareholders attempting to force another out of a company. Yet if you own 20% or more of your firm, you have powerful rights. The law protects oppressed shareholders. Special proceedings can force liquidation of the business to compensate you. Steven has effectively negotiated and litigated for clients who faced deteriorating partnership alliances. By obtaining fair compensation and treatment for them, they were able to move forward with their live and careers.

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