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Many exciting new technology companies have made their founders and employees wealthy. The right legal strategy can maximize your opportunity for major business success. The key item to keep in mind is that high tech, software, Internet and e-commerce companies have special requirements.

New York attorney Steven Mancinelli has helped a multitude of growth companies with a broad spectrum of legal issues and challenges on their road to success. Many credit him with saving their businesses from the devastating effects of litigation at critical phases of expansion, and with providing cost-effective legal solutions every growing enterprise needs. His 25 years of experience in winning cases has served them well.

Large, well established companies often wait for smaller innovators to take all the risks, then attempt to knock off their successful products. They know small businesses often can’t sustain the expense of long term, costly lawsuits.

That’s why it’s so important to have competent legal counsel giving you the right advice and guidance from the start. Having the proper protections in place when your company takes off helps prevent others from unlawfully appropriating your innovations.

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The firm helps companies with these and other technology law issues:

  • trade secrets
  • software protection
  • licensing
  • contract drafting, review and negotiation
  • due diligence
  • e-commerce, Internet, and computer law
  • litigation
  • international distribution arrangements
  • investors and venture capitalists
  • intellectual property audits
  • nondisclosure and non-compete agreements
  • intellectual property valuation
  • antitrust law issues, including unfair competition and unfair trade practices
  • litigation risk audits
  • corporate espionage
  • networks
  • interstate commerce
  • domain names
  • social media
  • video

Solutions for many challenges…

Another critical aspect Steven helps emerging growth companies with is creating a structure that investors and venture capitalists feel comfortable in financing. Making a deal attractive is the difference between getting funding or not, whether as initial startup capital or in additional rounds of financing.

Entrepreneurs often give away too much away to get the money they need. Some find that after years of work spent building a company, they have a minimal stake relative to the effort they put forth. In some instances, they’re even forced out. Business attorney Steven Mancinelli can help make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Another common problem is theft. Intellectual property is the backbone of any technology business. In addition to protecting it from unlawful use by outsiders, employees sometimes abscond with trade secrets after a company has invested years and millions in development. You can see there are many legal hurdles to deal with. As a highly experienced intellectual property lawyer, Steven Mancinelli has seen and handled them all, and has a proven background in achieving successful outcomes for clients.

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